Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Vision of Hope

Just a quick update -

As you'd suspect, the infrastructure in Afghanistan leaves a lot to be desired. It took more than eight hours over two days to get the last blog entry posted - and the format still isn't correct. We have another long day tomorrow, so I'll have to find another time to get you caught up. Suffice it to say, today was again marvelous and productive. Doing field work can be a roller coaster ride - lots of highs and lows. Whenever I face a challenge, I find it helpful to hold on to a vision - a picture of success. Here is the vision I've been carrying around in my head the last few days. It is my vision of hope.



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  1. Speaking as someone who taught in a southern U.S. inner city school in the early 1970s, I thought the conditions there were bad! Oh, my. They were wonderful compared to what you are showing us. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us who are so privileged. I will do my best to make your dream a part of mine.