Friday, April 23, 2010

Are we really that different?

Sitting at home in the US and listening to the news, its easy to conclude that "we" are different from "them". That is a too simple and dangerous fallacy. This banner declares "We are all children of the world". It was made by children in Colorado and hangs in a school in Afghanistan.

These flags are among dozens made by another school in Colorado which hang in a different school in Afghanistan. From Virginia, Wisconsin, Texas, Colorado, California and Washington. From East to West, North to South - all across America children, families and communities have funded schools in Afghanistan, hoping to build peace and friendship between our countries.

When I see girls standing to pump clean water from a well, standing in line to receive a daily biscuit or standing in class to give an answer - I know we also need to stand for something. Who would argue against clean water, nutritious food or the right to learn for our children? No one I know. No matter where we live or what we believe -these are human rights for all - plain and simple.


  1. Preston: What a treat to be able to follow your blogs! Glad you finally were able to get there! And it sounds like you are really getting a lot out of it, in addition to all you give. Your true nature comes out in your blogs, and it is wonderful to bask in that glow, particularly when some politicians are just talking and thinking of themselves!


  2. Your blog is touching many more people than you realize, Preston. I can't agree more with what resultsbob has to say about you and about the work being done by Ayni.

  3. Amongst all things wonderful that you are, a terrific journalist is included. What an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing. Makes me more proud and less fearful.
    Peace and LOVE.